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How Keyword Statistics Reveals Important Online Buisness Data

Keyword Statistics

Keyword statistics are very important for a company with an online presence. Not only do they reveal consumer search patterns, they reveal potential untapped areas of the market for decision making and strategy purposes and help a company refine its business positioning. Getting setup and interpreting keyword intelligence should be part of every companies online marketing plan. Third party statistics packages allow a company to get set to monitor and report regularly on search engine keyword statistics.

Most hosting providers provide some form of keyword stats reporting. Sometimes this is the most basic form of monitoring with limited intelligence options. Often, you can upgrade to more advanced packages. This data, when scrutinized, reveals what consumers are searching for that are coming to your site, which search engines they are coming from and how long they remain active on your website. AW Stats is one package used extensively by web hosting companies. Google Analytics is another package that provides flexible customization options for reporting on search and keyword behavior. You can even have reports delivered to your inbox so that you can pursue them for critical data and to make important business decisions.

Keyword statistics reveal important strategic information. Companies that are trying to get listed in the top ten search engine positions for keywords that denote their core business activities can peruse keyword usage statistics for search volume and competition ratios. This research is used for organic search engine optimization and for pay per click campaigns. Low competition, high volume search keywords are ideal for organic targeting. High volume and competitive keywords indicate to a company that pay per click may be the best option for positioning purposes. Furthermore, this data can be incorporated with conversion statistics to indicate hot keywords that lead to product or service sales. When setup and monitored correctly, keyword statistics are the lifeblood of information that is used to form a companies search engine marketing plan.

Keyword stats also indicate buying cycle behavior and untapped areas of the market. Often, big discoveries can be made regarding consumer behavior that can form the basis of new business initiatives. Keywords that were initially perceived to be highly targeted may turn out to disappointing if they bring large volumes of traffic and no sales. Alternatively, a company may discover they rank for keywords they never perceived as highly important and that do convert. This can help a company refine quality and quantity initiatives. When it comes to online traffic, not all traffic is equal. High quality traffic that converts is superior to a high volume of traffic that is just 'window shopping' and not buying.

Keyword statistics should be consulted by every online business for key business and strategy purposes. If you own a website and do not have a statistics package installed, you are missing out on valuable business data that can help you reduce costs and realize a superior return on your online investments.

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